Face and neck massages

We should like to recommend a few beneficial toning movements which, if performed once a week, will help to maintain and improve the vitality of the skin on the face and neck, which will then take best advantage of a care product.

Prepare your skin

Prepare your skin for facial and neck massage as follows :
  • Effleurage : To improve absorption, warm the cream between the palms of your hands and then apply with light and smooth movements.
On face: From the mid line outwards and upwards from chin to forehead.
On neck: From the top in a downwards direction.

Improve the tone and elasticity of the skin

To improve the tone and elasticity of the skin and to soften it:
  • Pinching movement : With rapid, successive movements, pinch the skin between your thumb and first finger by lifting the layers.
  • The "Jacquet" Pinching Method: This is the same exercise as above but with firm, rotating movement while pinching the skin.
On face and neck: From the centre outwards working up from the neck.

Stimulate blood circulation

To stimulate blood circulation and improve vitality of the skin:
  • "Piano Playing" movement : Place both hands on your lower face and then using the pads of your fingertips, move your fingers alternatively in a piano playing movement.
On face: Start from a mid line outwards, working upwards from chin to forehead.

Soothe skin

To soothe skin after these toning movementsEnd with a light effleurage.