Made of fine wood.

Mini Emery Boards — Made of fine wood.

The MINI EMERY BOARDS pack, always handy for repairing a small damage during the day.
It contains 6 emery boards of 7,5 cm long, in flexible wood, particularly recommended for "fragile" nails.
They have 2 emery particle sizes. The rougher side of the emery board is for an eventual preliminary filing and may be used for mens' nails (generally thicker and harder) and for toenails; the thinner side allows precise filing.

How to use

Use the lighter coloured side with long and supple movements, stroking from the edges to the centre to give your nails the shape you wish. To keep nails strong, avoid filing deep into the sides of the nail tip. To finish the work, eliminate any asperity by filing with small vertical strokes, from the top to the bottom and vice versa (bevelling), with the tip of the board. It also allows the nail layers to be sealed again.


Small and handy to carry (in your handbag, travelling). Strong pack with closing fold.