For French Manicure.

Sticker Guides — For French Manicure.

For all those who hesitate, shake or are not sure of their brush strokes.

The STICKER GUIDES allow to set the limits of the free edge, you wish to highlight, and to brush on your chosen colour without smudging with the nail polish of your choice. To use with "French Manicure" Kits or any other MAVALA MINI COLOR.

How to use

Apply a protective base coat (for instance MAVALA 002) on the entire nail plate and allow to dry. Place on each nail, a STICKER GUIDE following the free edge of the nail, to define the surface that will be highlighted. Apply, on the free edge of the nail, a coat of white nail polish (or of the chosen colour to highlight the free edge). Remove the STICKER GUIDES immediately. Follow with one or two thin coats of a pastel nail polish or incolore (or any colour chosen) to apply on the entire nail surface. End with a MAVALA top coat.