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Prebiotic Hand Cream


The concentrate of efficiency for a strengthened skin barrier.

Prebiotic Hand Cream — The concentrate of efficiency for a strengthened skin barrier.

The skin of the hands is at the front lines, suffering on a daily basis by constant washing and/or frequent disinfection, or even by handling household products without protective gloves. Its microbiota is affected, the skin dries out, reddens, becomes rough and shows signs of ageing.

MAVALA PREBIOTIC Hand Cream provides the necessary nutrients to maintain the balance and the microbiological activity of the skin, thanks to its natural prebiotics, a combination of yogurt and inulin, that preserve the balanced diversity of the microbiota.
An anti-drying glucidic complex, shea butter and cotton oil, which are nourishing and protective, complete this prebiotic action.
This expert care soothes tightness, reduces redness and brings immediate comfort to the most delicate and sensitive hands. Hands are again supple, soft, perfectly hydrated and protected by a balanced flora and strengthened skin barrier.

How to use

Apply a small amount of product to the hands and massage, concentrating on the dry or reddened areas. Use as often as needed, especially after washing or disinfecting hands.


Apply in the evening in a more generous layer to boost the renewal of the skin flora during the night. After washing, dry well the hands and the space between the fingers to preserve the microbiota.

Dermatologically tested.