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Reactivate the youth mechanism of your skin !

Chrono-biological  Day Serum — Reactivate the youth mechanism of your skin !

Your skin follows a very precise biorhythm: it defends itself during daylight, while it renews at night. But the lack of sun exposure or sleep, fatigue or stress can desynchronize cutaneous internal clocks. In the daytime, skin's natural defences weaken: wrinkles set in and skin loses its youth.

ANTI-AGE PRO Chronobiological Day Serum is a concentrated anti-wrinkle effectiveness for face and eye contour.
Synchronized on the natural skin biorhythm, it maximizes physiological cutaneous daily activities. This advanced exceptional skincare combine:
- synchronizing chronopeptides which stimulate skin's own protective potential,
- thousands of Alpine Rose stem cells, whose resistance to extreme climate give it unique anti-ageing properties,
- pro-youth organic Silicium,
- powerful antioxidants.
ANTI-AGE PRO Chronobiological Day Serum protects the skin from daily stresses, moisturizes and corrects all signs of ageing in just 14 days(1). Skin glows with freshness and youth.

How to use

Apply 1 or 2 pumps of product every morning on clean face, eye contour, neck and décolleté, under Chronobiological Day Cream.

Its texture

Light and luminous.

Expected results

Wrinkles appear smoother in just 14 days(1). Clinically tested under dermatological control, on crow's feet, forehead wrinkles and nasolabial folds after one application per day.


Fragrance free.
Suitable as well on the fragile eye and lip contour areas, on neck and decolleté.
Its bottle with pump with airless closing preserves the formula, before, during and after application.


One drop added to your foundation will reveal a light and more luminous complexion.

Dermatologically tested.
Ophthalmologically tested

(1)Clinical test on 22 women having applied Chronobiological Serum once a day for 14 days.