Make-up Corrector —

Applying make-up is a daily task, repeated over a thousand times. However, no one is beyond making an awkward mistake, a pencil stroke that smudges or an imprecise line.

To correct these small mistakes, this magic eraser pen gently removes make-up mistakes, even waterproof, in one stroke. It dispenses an extra-gentle make-up remover solution and may be used for the eye contour as well as for the lip contour. MAKE-UP CORRECTOR is effective, handy and easy to use. Its fine and bevelled felt-tip allows a precise movement.

How to use

Apply the felt-tip pen on the error to be removed. In one stroke, the mistake is erased. After use, dab your skin with a paper tissue and re-apply a touch of make-up (fluid foundation, powder, eye shadow,...), where the mistake was made. Then clean the stained tip with a paper tissue. When the tip can no longer be wiped clean, replace with one of the three spare tips provided.


Suitable for all skin types. Gentle formula, fragrance-, alcohol- and colourant-free.