Mavalip Lipstick —

Lips need special attention. Made up of mucous membranes, they are, unlike the epidermis, deprived of protection against external irritations. Therefore lips are more exposed to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun, pollution,...

The MAVALIP LIPSTICKS contain a balanced blending of oils, esters and waxes that form a protective hydrolipidic film. Its regular application prevents from dryness and helps protect lips from external factors which can damage them. The MAVALIP LIPSTICKS improve suppleness and help moisturize lips. Easy and uniform application. Perfect wear and coverage

How to use

Apply MAVALIP to the upper lip, then onto the lower lip, with the bevelled side of stick or with a lip brush. Pinch a thin handkerchief between lips to remove excess lipstick and prevent it from staining teeth. Fix lipstick by gently powdering your lips. For a satiny gloss effect, apply again MAVALIP.


For a better hold, apply LIP BASE or slightly powder lips, before applying lipstick. For a neat contour, draw a fine line with MAVALA lip contour pencil, using a shade darker than the lipstick, before applying MAVALIP.