Top coat

Gel Finish Top Coat


Gel Effect. Manicure fixator.

Gel Finish Top Coat — Gel Effect. Manicure fixator.

GEL FINISH TOP COAT, "gel effect" fixator gives your manicure extra-volume, smoothness and extra-gloss. Its transparent gel texture replicates the finish of a gel manicure, creates a volumizing magnifying effect, a perfect domed finish and an exceptional ultra glossy shine. Its formula respects the structure and the integrity of the natural nail, does not use a UV lamp and is removed with a classic nail polish remover.

How to use

After applying the second layer of nail polish, wait for a few moments. Then apply GEL FINISH TOP COAT on the entire nail surface, including the nail tip and slightly under the free edge, if possible, to increase resistance to chipping.


Slightly thicker formula than a classic top coat, that needs careful handling. To obtain the right amount of GEL FINISH TOP COAT, remove excess by carefully wiping the stem and brush inside the neck vertically. Clean neck after use if necessary. Close bottle securely.


Two days after your manicure, to enhance its radiance and prolong its hold, apply a coat of COLORFIX. For fast drying, complete your manicure with the OIL SEAL DRYER or MAVADRY SPRAY.